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Hot Retro Hairstyles | Vintage Fashion

Hot Retro Hairstyles

What are things associated in your mind with the 1920s, 1940s, and 1960s? For sure, there are people who will think about World War II, landing on the moon, rock’n’roll. Nevertheless, there are also those who will think about sleek bobs, pin curls, and bouncy blowouts.

If you are one of those who thinks about hair fashion, probably you are spending too much time at AramanYC.com – New York fashion and hair photographer website. Even if you do not, you have to agree that such diagnosis as hair obsession is somehow about you. But do not worry: there were so many fabulous hairstyles at that time that the fact they really stick in our heads is not surprising at all. What is more, most of them, including those bold geometric haircuts, scarf-tied updos, and finger-waves are really timeless. That is why some of them are considered to be hot even today.

The same to the ’60s color-blocking trend and bug-eyed sunglasses, retro haircuts are circling back into our fashion, but with some gorgeous updates. So now let us see the top 3 retro hairstyles you can proudly wear today.

1. Scarf-tied updo

Scarf-tied updo

©Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com

Despite the fact that the first association that comes into minds of those who hear about the scarf-tied updo is famous “Rosie the Riveter” poster, this hairstyle can be stylishly used outside a factory. The scarf can work both for busy moms who want to look stylish and young girls who want to add an eye-catching element to their style, especially when it comes to scarfs with floral or dotted prints or those of some trendy colors such as mint green or violet red. Also, it is a great solution for those who need to postpone shampooing hair for some reason.

2. Side ponytail with a teased crown

Side ponytail with a teased crown

©Nadya Korobkova / Shutterstock.com

Side ponytail with a teased crown is, perhaps, one of the most trendy looks today. It is a classic vintage that always looks gorgeous. What is more, and what is the best, this hairstyle is easy to do. Just make sure that the volume at your crown looks fluffy. To create a tousled, beachy look, you can add some waves.

3. Geometric cut

Geometric cut

©SunCity / Shutterstock.com

If you have medium or thick straight hair, a geometric cut will make you look like a vintage diva. Just note that it requires constant touch-ups, but still worth it! If you want to wear the original inspiration, make sure you use the best volumizing products . Nevertheless, modern version of geometric cut has less volume, is sleeker and a little more gamine.