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Do you like 50s Vintage dresses? Of course, you do | Vintage Fashion

Do you like 50s Vintage dresses? Of course, you do

Fashion is constantly in motion.  The length and width of skirts and trousers, styles of dresses and suits change, some accessories become relevant or undesirable.  Every decade, fashion gives us something new.  The peculiarities of this or that fashion trend are determined not only by the whim of the designers but also by the situation in the world.  The forties of the twentieth century are the war years, so strict silhouettes, styles without any pretentiousness, close to military uniforms, were popular in clothes.  But the fifties are a time of general rise, and they returned to fashion bright colors and silhouettes that emphasize beauty.

Even today a vintage dress from the 50s looks surprisingly fashionable because the idea of ​​beauty and femininity lives in our minds.  The fifties in the history of clothing are invariably associated with the name of the legendary French couturier Christian Dior.  It was he who in the late forties released the first post-war collection of models “New Look”, giving rise to a unique direction of fashion.  Women’s dresses from the 50s were distinguished by refined elegance with a slight touch of romanticism. The colors of the dresses were various. The silhouette of dresses often resembled an hourglass.  The bodice was predominantly fitted, and the skirt was quite wide, flared or pleated.  The sleeve was presented in different variations, for example, three-quarters, short lantern or long sleeves.  The most common length of a 1950’s dress is just below the knee.  The second type of fashionable dress of this period is a tight-fitting dress, tapered downwards.  To give the models more grace, the thin waist was emphasized with a wide belt or peplum.

Dresses from the 50s are suitable for any body type.  This is an all-time classic.  A true fashionista will never deny herself the pleasure of purchasing such a dress.

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash