Vintage Hair Salon Ideas

If you own a hair salon and want it to look and feel cozier and charming, there are various ways to do it. Still, one of the most effective and notable ones is adding a little bit of vintage. Vintage shows your individuality, make you stand out from the crowd and, for sure, adds a little bit of charm and elegance to your salon. Though decorating you hair salon all in vintage is not a great idea (if you do not want to create a tame lapse), adding some eye-catching vintage details is always a great one. You can simply combine two styles to get the best result. So let us see how to do it.

  1. Adding Vintage Chairs

One of the best ways to add a vintage accent to your hair salon is choosing vintage chairs. This is the best solution in case you want to make your minimalistic design look cozier or you want to create some eye-catching spots. What is more, vintage chairs of bright colors will definitely compliment your all-in-black or all-in-white design. Just choose the color you love most and it will work for you great.

When it comes to vintage chairs, you are able to choose from the great variety of shapes and designs. Generally, chairs that come from 80’s become the best solution. Still, you can also consider the option of adding charming chairs that will remind you and your visitors of the elegance and charm of 20’s. Whatever your choice, vintage chairs will make you feel proud about your hair salon interior.

  1. Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors in vintage frames look absolutely gorgeous. Such element of decor is a guarantee that your client will notice the unique and elegant atmosphere of your salon. It is always a great choice because usually while seating in the chair and watching changes a hairdresser makes, clients always look in the mirrors. So why not to choose the elegance of vintage style?

  1. DIY Vintage Parts

For all those who are looking for the most creative ways to show individuality, there are various DIY methods to choose from. When it comes to a hair salon and a adding some vintage accents, there is a unique and great chance to make a hanging display of some vintage elements. Mirrors usually become the best solution in this case, as you can use different shapes and colors to create eye-catching moments. What is more, as mirrors are casting a light backward, with the help of such DIY solution you can make your salon literally shine bright like a diamond.

  1. Vintage Chandelier

Adding a vintage chandelier to your hair salon is a great way to add more glam. Choose the one with lots of crystal parts that will make you hair salon shine. The best thing about vintage chandeliers is that they are able to compliment any design and interior. So it does not matter you have a big luxury hair salon or want to create a hair salon office at home – such solution works great for both.

  1. Vintage Furniture

Any vintage furniture will make your hair salon look like a pearl of individuality. With the help of some vintage elements, combined with modern designs, you can create a glam rock atmosphere that looks pretty stylish. The tip is to add some animal prints or leather, to make your design look perfect. Just turn your imagination on and create! Anyways, the main aim is to show your individuality, so do not miss a chance to do it.