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Do you like 50s Vintage dresses? Of course, you do

Fashion is constantly in motion.  The length and width of skirts and trousers, styles of dresses and suits change, some accessories become relevant or undesirable.  Every decade, fashion gives us something new.  The peculiarities of this or that fashion trend are determined not only by the whim of the designers but also by the situation in the world.  The forties of the twentieth century are the war years, so strict silhouettes, styles without any pretentiousness, close to military uniforms, were popular in clothes.  But the fifties are a

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Vintage Yacht Charter in Miami

Miami is a place that hosts a lot of extravagant, vintage and new-fashioned yachts. Yachts come here at all time of the year, making people wonder about Miami Yacht Charter. Still, there is always the ability to witness their beauty. Each week, there is a Miami Yacht Watch that takes place on Curbed Miami. Here you can enjoy these amazing vessels and get closer to your dream. One of the most notable guests of Miami is a 212-foot superyacht named “Shemara”. This vintage yacht was originally launched nearly

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Vintage Travel Stamps

Vintage travel stamps have become really popular in the recent years. There are many people from all across the world, who collect them and even hunting for the rarest and exclusive ones. Vintage travel stamps vary by price, so it becomes possible to use them when you need to add a personal touch. While those rare and exclusive can simply break the bank, there are many affordable options. How to Use Vintage Travel Stamps? Vintage travel stamp is a great way to personalize your letters and postcards. It

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