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How to Nail Retro Fashion Photography

Creative photographers always aim at capturing the most original shoots. Moreover, when photography and fashion meet, the outcome has to be stunningly beautiful. There are plenty of styles and choices when it comes to fashion photography. Some photographers choose to take shots in modern spots and atmospheres while others take the old and vintage touch. Despite the advancement of technology and modern culture, the vintage/retro style is still popular. In this article, we will explore some of the tips and techniques that are recommended for fashion photographers. We

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Fashion Vintage

In recent years, vintage clothes have become very popular. Someone will say that the popularity of vintage pieces is explained by nostalgia and someone will tell you that it is because of the beautiful singularity of such pieces. Still, we do believe that the best thing about vintage clothing is history. Each vintage piece has its own story to tell. What is more, vintage items never go out of style. Vintage Fashion Vintage clothes represent the era in which they were made. You can consider as vintage any

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Vintage Hair Salon Ideas

If you own a hair salon and want it to look and feel cozier and charming, there are various ways to do it. Still, one of the most effective and notable ones is adding a little bit of vintage. Vintage shows your individuality, make you stand out from the crowd and, for sure, adds a little bit of charm and elegance to your salon. Though decorating you hair salon all in vintage is not a great idea (if you do not want to create a tame lapse), adding

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